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Valentine’s Day Activities for Spanish Class

valentine's lessons activities for spanish class

Thinking about what to do around Valentine’s Day in your Spanish classes that is both engaging and educational? Check out te variety of ideas below on the topics of friendship and love, many of which can be implemented across several levels! 

1. Valentine's Gratitude Cards

Focus on the topic of friendship with this writing activity! Students will create, write and color gratitude cards with scaffolded support. Students may write to a friend, teacher, parent, coach and more (ideas included). Teacher slides included to guide beginner students in writing a simple gratitude card in Spanish. Adaptable to many levels!

Explore this activity more here!

2. Valentine's Digital Activities

Ideal for levels 1 or 2, students will explore some digital resources and complete a variety of activities to practice their language comprehension and production skills!

Activities include describing qualities of a friend (cognates review), exploring an infographic (numbers practice), reading an article, creating candy hearts and a partner interview!

Check it out here!

3. Love/Friendship Songs in Spanish

What better way to address the topics of love and friendship than through music?! 

Nuestra Amistad is a great song focusing on friendship. Students will learn new vocabulary, practice listening comprehension, analyze important phrases of the song and more! Perfect for levels 1-2. Read more about the lesson here!

I also have a free resource that includes 3 songs on love and friendship, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Download them here!

4. 3-Day Mini Unit for Upper Levels

Your upper levels have endless opportunities for exploring the topic of love and friendship! This 3-day mini unit, intended for levels 4/AP, will allow students to explore videos, articles, music, discussion questions and much more! Warm-up, homework and assessment options included. Use this as a full 3-day mini unit or pick and choose activities to spread throughout the week!

Check out this mini unit here!

Curious about mini units? Read this post!

Save time and money!

I hope these ideas save you time and give you some inspiration for your love-week lessons in Spanish class. You don’t have to take a break in your regular programming and sacrifice learning time to address these types of holidays! Music, authentic resources and artistic activities will keep your students engaged AND learning during this sweets-filled week.

Interested in a few of these lessons? Check out the BUNDLE to save!

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