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Summer Break Tips for Spanish Teachers

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It's Finally Summer!

You’ve made it to your long-awaited summer break after working your tail off all school year! What do you do next? While everyone’s summer will look different depending on travel plans, recuperation needs and personality, here are a few tips for how to spend your couple of months off!

1. Recuperate

I hope this is a given, but please take time to rest and recharge during your weeks off if you can! Teaching is a unique profession in which we work endless hours during 9-10 months of the year and then have a couple months off from the typical work grind. Take time to breathe, recharge and fill your cup in whatever way works best for you. This might look like traveling, napping, reading a fun book, enjoying the sunshine, doing a creative project or spending quality time with pets and loved ones. While I typically spend the first few weeks resting before I get the itch to do something else, your personality might be one that relaxing the majority of the break works well for you – do it!

2. Keep up with Spanish

As a non-native speaker, I always felt that summer was a great time to keep up with my own language skills. While I use Spanish in my classroom, it’s often simplified for the levels I teach, so it’s nice to just use/read/hear Spanish at a more fluent level and pace. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep up with my Spanish in a fun way!


Podcasts are great for walks, runs, car rides, cleaning/laundry and more! A few I’ve listened to are:


  • El hilo – current events in Latin America
  • TED en español – misc topics of interest
  • Radio Ambulante – features variety of topics/stories from Latin America
  • Te invito un café – personal development, psychology, etc.
  • Vivir en armonía – personal development, self-esteem, etc.


Whether originally written in Spanish or a translated work, find a topic of interest to you and dive in! I’ve enjoyed books by Isabel Allende, Lorena Franco, Francisco Jiménez and others. Cajas de cartón by Francisco Jiménez was a good read! I also re-read the first Harry Potter book in Spanish for fun! Next on my list is Solito by Javier Zamora. I’d love to hear any books or authors you’ve loved. Drop a comment below!


There are SO many movies and TV shows out these days and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. make it easier to access programs in Spanish! I enjoyed Velvet and El Internado, but there are many others that I have yet to check out! Check out Spanish shows and movies on Netflix here!


Need some background noise? Check out Top Spanish Hits or Top 50 Spanish Songs playlists on Spotify. You might just hear a song that works perfectly for one of your classes or lessons next year!

3. Professional Development

While it’s completely justifiable not to think about work all summer long, some personality types might want to use this time to learn and improve for the next school year! Below are a few ideas!

  • Read any of the ACTFL publications (ie. Keys to…series or Implementing IPAs)
  • Read blogs from your favorite teacher bloggers
  • Take a teaching-related course (online or via community college) to move up the payscale
  • Listen to podcasts (ie. World Language Classroom by Joshua Cabral or Preaching to Acquire by Kaitlin Leppert)
  • Bounce ideas around with like-minded teachers from your school, in a Facebook group, etc.
Whatever you do, I hope your summer provides you an opportunity to rest and recharge before gearing up for the next school year!

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