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Lesson Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

Spanish Class Lesson Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place each year from September 15 through October 15. The intention of this month is to recognize the influences and achievements of Hispanic Americans and Latinos. What once was a week-long celebration was later extended to cover an entire month. While it’s important for students to build awareness of these contributions and achievements all year long, this month is a nice opportunity to dive a little deeper with your students and discuss Hispanic/Latino identities, histories, cultures and more!

Below are several activity and lesson ideas to use in your classroom during this month to help build your students’ awareness of the many contributions of Hispanics and Hispanic/Latino Americans.

1. HHM Overview / Introduction

Start by asking students what they know about Hispanic Heritage Month. Introduce the month with an overview video to acquaint your students with the purpose of the month! A few ideas are listed below (as always, please preview before use with your own students):

2. Personas Famosas - Cultural Poster Report

Put the work on your students by having them complete a cultural poster report on a notable Hispanic (American) or Latino (American). 

This resource includes idea lists and poster templates for: artistas, músicos, deportistas y actores/actrices. Both printable and digital options included, along with a student draft sheet to research and brainstorm ideas.

Assign one to each student OR have each student complete a new report each week during the duration of Hispanic Heritage Month! Purchase the lesson here!

3. Highlight Notable Individuals

One way to expose students to more cultural knowledge all month long is to highlight notable figures each day/week throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. A video can serve as a great warm-up or exit activity at the start/end of class. Students may simply enjoy the video or keep a log of their learning throughout the month!

4. Identities Webquest

Want to expose your students to the concept of identity and various identities of the Spanish-speaking world? This webquest will educate students on the differences between terms such as Hispanic/Latino/Spanish, introduce students to important Hispanic figures and encourage them to think about aspects of their own identity as well.

Check it out here!

5. Other Lesson Ideas

Looking for more ideas? This website has a collection of resources selected specifically for teachers for use during Hispanic Heritage Month. Many of these are great resources to consider exploring with your students!

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