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Halloween Activities for Spanish Class

Halloween activities ideas spanish class

Teaching on Halloween

Teaching on Halloween can feel like a daunting task. Kids may be dressed in costume, filled with candy and bouncing off the walls with excitement for the festivities ahead. I, personally, like to take a break from our normal routine on this day and do something a little fun! It helps to lean into the extra energy of the day and give everyone a little mental break from the norm!

Looking for ideas? Below are some activity suggestions for your Spanish classes on or around Halloween!

#1 - Halloween Activity Pages

Want to teach your students Halloween-related vocabulary and the history of Halloween? This activity packet will do just that! 

Students will be presented with new vocabulary (teacher slides included), read on the history of Halloween in Spanish, interview a partner and more!

Included are two leveled versions to adapt to the abilities of your students.

Check it out here!

#2 - Halloween Videos in Spanish

Don’t have time for a full Halloween lesson or game? Videos can be great to start/end class or to develop into fuller lessons, if time allows! 

For lower levels, students can 1) mark off words from a word bank as they hear them, 2) complete  fill-in-the-blank phrases based on what appears on screen, 3) list cognates or other words they understand or 4) list observations of what they see/comprehend in English

Intermediate/upper levels could 1) answer comprehension questions, 2) write a list of 5 things they learn or 3) write their own comprehension questions for a partner

Here are a few video suggestions to check out!

  1. Halloween in Spain (español + subtítulos – great for lower levels)
  2. El origen de Halloween (español)
  3. Halloween y Día de Muertos en México (español)
  4. Halloween en Chile (español)
  5. Alma (this is a silent short film, but creepy and super fun for upper levels to describe or predict what happens next!)

#3 - ¡Cucharas! Card Game

Have you ever played spoons? I love adapting this game for the Spanish classroom. Students are both engaged and learning/reviewing with this fast-paced card-passing game!

This version introduces students to Halloween-related vocabulary in Spanish. A vocab preview sheet is included as an optional pre-play activity as well. Students will love this game!

More info here!

4. Halloween Infographics

I love using authentic infographics in class because they have a visual element to them which often helps make this adaptable across levels. Lower levels can identify cognates, take note of what the gist of the infographic is, discuss data (#s/%s), etc. Upper levels can answer comprehension questions, write a summary, or react to the data (surprises, curiosities, interesting points, etc.)

Below are a few infographics in Spanish related to Halloween!

I hope these ideas give you and your students some fun activities to enjoy on or around Halloween! I’d love to hear what your classes do and how it goes – share below!

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