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Spanish Class Routines

Why Routines? Routines are extremely helpful in the classroom setting! Not only do they build familiar rhythms and expectations for students, but they also help to save YOU time! Any teachers out there need more time? Yep, pretty much all of us, right?! Implementing Routines When deciding on routines to

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5 Community Building Ideas for Spanish Class

Why Community Building? Read any classroom management book and it will often point to the importance of building a strong community within your classroom walls. I’ll be honest – this didn’t always come super easily to me, especially with the pressure to maintain target language use 90% of the time!

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Tips for Sequencing a Unit in Spanish Class

Let’s Chat Unit Sequencing! Do your units have a certain pattern to them? Do you wish they did? In my personal experience, deciding on a general unit sequence helps me to save time lesson planning and gives my students an expected flow throughout the unit. You can design a template

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Backwards Plan your Units for Spanish Class

What is “Backwards Planning?” Backwards planning is a strategy for planning your units that starts with the end goal in mind. Instead of working through a unit and then, at the end, designing and assigning an assessment, backwards planning encourages you to start with what comes last – most often,

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summer break spanish teacher ideas tips

Summer Break Tips for Spanish Teachers

It’s Finally Summer! You’ve made it to your long-awaited summer break after working your tail off all school year! What do you do next? While everyone’s summer will look different depending on travel plans, recuperation needs and personality, here are a few tips for how to spend your couple of

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wrapping up school year end of year spanish teacher

Wrapping Up the School Year – Teacher Tips

“Teacher Tired” at the End of the Year It’s the last day of school and your remaining students have left the classroom. You’re incredibly tired from the final marathon to the end of the school year (and let’s face it, the entire year as a whole). You scramble to finish

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