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5 springtime festivals teach culture spanish class

5 Springtime Festivals to Teach in Spanish Class

One fun way to incorporate more culture is to highlight seasonal festivals that exist in Spanish-speaking countries around the world! These can be shared briefly through a warm-up or exit activity or in more depth through a full lesson! Check out the ideas below for teaching your students more about

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5 interpersonal speaking activities for spanish class

5 Interpersonal Speaking Activities for Spanish Class

Interpersonal Communication One of the three modes of communication we target within our classroom is interpersonal communication. This can be done via writing or speaking. When I was taking Spanish classes years ago, regular speaking activities were not as prevalent as they are these days, making me so nervous to

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valentine's lessons activities for spanish class

Valentine’s Day Activities for Spanish Class

Thinking about what to do around Valentine’s Day in your Spanish classes that is both engaging and educational? Check out te variety of ideas below on the topics of friendship and love, many of which can be implemented across several levels!  1. Valentine’s Gratitude Cards Focus on the topic of

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AP Spanish design mini unit 5 steps

Designing an AP Spanish Mini Unit

What’s in an AP Spanish Unit? The current AP Spanish Language and Culture course is designed around 6 main themes, with a variety of sub-context options within each. If you’re new to designing your AP Spanish course and units, check out this post: Planning the Year in AP Spanish to get

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teaching winter holidays in spanish class lesson ideas

Winter Holidays & Traditions in Spanish Class

Teaching Winter Holidays The months of December and January can be awkward schedule-wise due to holidays, final exams, etc., but they are the perfect time to incorporate some exciting cultural lessons in your classes! There are a variety of winter holidays you can address in Spanish class to target the

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5 steps review station activities spanish class

5 Steps to Preparing Review Stations for Spanish Class

Why Stations for Review? I absolutely love using stations to review topics from a unit or a semester of Spanish because it switches up our normal daily routine, provides students an overview of topics they should be comfortable with and allows me to circulate and support as needed! Stations do

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