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Spanish class activities on gratitude and Thanksgiving

Spanish Lesson Ideas on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Teaching on Thanksgiving Your first thought at reading this is “Why would I teach on Thanksgiving in my Spanish classes if it’s not really commonplace in Spanish-speaking countries?” There are a few reasons! One, it’s a nice way to segue into (or back from) Thanksgiving break. Two, it’s a great

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translator use spanish class

Translator Use in the Spanish Classroom

The Good & the Bad of Translator Use If you’ve spent any time in a language classroom, you’re likely aware of some of the challenges of seeing signs of translator use in your students’ work. While translators are generally a great tool to help the general public communicate in a

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Homework ideas for AP Spanish tarea

Assigning Homework in AP Spanish

Should you Assign Homework? Perspectives vary greatly on whether or not to assign homework in middle/high schools these days. I think the answer to this question might depend a bit on your school and your students. Here are a few questions to consider: How often do students see you? A

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planning the year AP spanish unit lesson plans

Planning the Year in AP Spanish

Don’t Skip the Planning Process! Are you a plan-the-whole-unit-at-once teacher or a plan-by-the-day teacher? Whatever your style, I highly recommend taking some time to plan out your year and goals for your students so you (and they!) know where you’re headed! Below are the steps I take when planning a

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spanish class routines ideas

Spanish Class Routines

Why Routines? Routines are extremely helpful in the classroom setting! Not only do they build familiar rhythms and expectations for students, but they also help to save YOU time! Any teachers out there need more time? Yep, pretty much all of us, right?! Implementing Routines When deciding on routines to

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5 community building ideas spanish class

5 Community Building Ideas for Spanish Class

Why Community Building? Read any classroom management book and it will often point to the importance of building a strong community within your classroom walls. I’ll be honest – this didn’t always come super easily to me, especially with the pressure to maintain target language use 90% of the time!

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