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Hi there – I’m Kristen, also known as La Profe Digital. I have taught Spanish for 8 years and love incorporating culture, technology and authentic resources into my lessons. When I’m not creating and designing lessons, I’m reading or spending time with family!

My introduction to Spanish

I began learning Spanish in middle school and fell more in love with it in high school, which led me to pursue a degree in Spanish. I studied abroad my junior year of college in beautiful Granada, Spain for a year. I have SO many amazing memories of my time there! After college, I completed a teacher credential / Master’s program. I got my first teaching job at my own former high school and taught there for 8 years. I had the opportunity to teach Spanish 1 – Spanish 4 (AP), level 2 being my favorite!

Why I love Teaching Spanish

I love so much about being in the classroom and teaching both the Spanish language and the amazing, diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Lesson design is one of my favorite things (often what led me to work after hours more times than I care to admit) and led to my passion for sharing lesson ideas and resources with all of you! So many teacher bloggers before me were a main source of support and inspiration during my first few years of teaching and I hope to provide the same support here to you. Thanks for being here!