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5 Springtime Festivals to Teach in Spanish Class

5 springtime festivals teach culture spanish class

One fun way to incorporate more culture is to highlight seasonal festivals that exist in Spanish-speaking countries around the world! These can be shared briefly through a warm-up or exit activity or in more depth through a full lesson! Check out the ideas below for teaching your students more about springtime festivals in various Spanish-speaking countries!

1. el Carnaval

So, while this celebration often technically takes place in winter, it precedes the start of Lent, which can spread into spring! El Carnaval is particularly popular in Barranquilla, Colombia!

Lesson Idea #1: Video – Have students view this video and note observations, answer comprehension questions, etc. 

Lesson Idea #2: Webquest – Students can learn more about the history and traditions surrounding this holiday with this interactive digital webquest (beginner & intermediate versions!).

2. el Festival de la Primavera

This is Peru’s famous festival the acknowledges their start of Spring (in Sept/Oct!)

Lesson Idea: Share this video with students and have them capture cognates, what they see, what they hear, etc. More advanced students can answer comprehension questions based on the content shared.

3. la Feria de Abril

This week-long festival full of dancing, singing and processions takes place each April in Sevilla, España.

Lesson Idea: Play this video as a warm-up or exit activity to share the fun traditions of la Feria de Abril!

4. el Equinoccio

Hundreds visit Mexico’s Temples of the Moon and the Sun to welcome Spring!

Lesson Idea: This video highlights spring equinox at Teotihuacan!

5. la Semana Santa

Celebrated all over the world, Guatemala in particular is known for its beautiful and elaborate alfombras for Semana Santa!

Lesson Idea #1: Share this video on the alfombras de Guatemala. Have students design their own!

Lesson Idea #2: Students can dive deeper with this cultural webquest on Easter / Semana Santa!

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